GRU: the economy killer

I think this is some of my best work. It’s about GRU and how  it can bring us all down if we do not set things right!

“There is no fiscal responsibility without a new coal plant”

Craig Lowe wants us to burn biomass. This gives us higher rates and a crippled economy.

Monica Cooper is against biomass, but she is against the coal plant, too. She wants us to depend on solar, which is currently more expensive and less dependable: an economy killer.

Richard Selwach stresses balancing the budget, but without affordable energy it is a moot point. He is for more expensive natural gas. Good-bye Gainesville.

Ozzy Angulo has nothing meaningful to say about energy; as if it doesn’t matter.

Let’s vote to save our city in 2010! Don Marsh for Mayor on March 16th

As a little bonus, I include this new YouTube video I made yesterday!

Beware of Smart Growth Utopias

To be a smart voter, you need to become conversant in the fuzzy newspeak of your elected officials. This article is a must read.

The same federal agency that brought us monumental failures like public housing wants to play a bigger role in fostering so-called regional “smart growth.” HUD secretary Shaun Donovan recently traveled to Portland, Oregon to announce the Obama administration’s new Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities. This new bureaucracy will distribute $140 million in grants for regional “smart growth” planning… (more at the link above)

Never forget that if it has to be subsidized, it isn’t really sustainable. This naked vote-buying attempt is counting on us not being wise enough to figure out that we are actually taking on long term obligations to counter-productive development for years to come; kinda like that zero-down mortgage so many Americans bought into.

Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police

I am quite proud to announce that I have gained the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, and this is their official release: click here. It is a great honor to be given this trust. Our men and women in uniform do a difficult and often thankless job, and I will do all that I can to be worthy of their judgment.


I have been thinking about this a lot. I have been online since 1994, when the Alachua Freenet first opened up it’s dial-up lines to Gainesville residents. I was user afn43269, and in a short time I was on USENET, engaging people in discussions about religion and politics and Dave Barry. When the Gainesville Sun first got online as, I participated on their lively message board from early in its existence as the user, DonTWC, which stands for Don the Window Cleaner. Even though I had a username, I have always been up front about who I was. I have never liked anonymous posting, because I think that your testimony loses power when you are not willing to put your name on it. This is not for everyone, but if you are an elected official, I think there should be a record of what you believe and what you stand for.

After I ran for the county commission in 2002, I started a web site that would allow candidates to get their message out for free. I would give any candidate for local elected office a platform to tell the voters whatever he or she wanted, with no limits on space or content. Sadly, very few have taken me up on it, and no incumbent has EVER posted on A few challengers have. Some ex-officials have. But it has been a source of extreme frustration for me that so few will go on the record on a site where they might get…GASP…comments from the public.

During the incendiary leadup to the vote on Amendment One last year, I was the only one to open discussion on the site. When people from around the world came to post comments accusing me of bigotry and hatred, I tried to engage them and find common ground. No other public figure had discussions like these that I have been able to find. No one takes comments and tries to have a civil discourse, AND puts his name on it!

I want you to know that as your Mayor, this will not change. I will still blog. I will still deal with your criticisms, comments, complaints, and suggestions in the same manner that I always have. For me, transparency is not a fad, or a novelty, or an undefined promise that can be fudged on later. It has been my life, and you deserve accountable, accessible leadership. Please vote for me March 16th.