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  1. Hi Don, I’m still not sure who to vote for for Mayor. Politically I guess my views align closest with Libertarian these days, especially at the Federal level, but I tend to be supportive of local government long-term planning initiatives, especially in terms of growth and environmental services. I think government is most appropriate and effective (albeit never perfect) at the local level and we need to be thinking way ahead of where growth is happening and try to conserve, best we can, the important private and public natural areas and corridors. So I’m supportive of the comprehensive plan concept and actively thinking about where we want development and where we don’t. Although I belive most private lands should stay in private hands and these lands are best served and conserved by incentives and tax breaks (both income and ad valorem) and not the long arm of the law. What are your thoughts about this?

    Chris Demers

  2. Right now, all of that is a moot point if we don’t get a handle on our energy issues. With our spiraling GRU rates, we will be completely uncompetitive in the future. Business will be stifled, and people will begin to move out. Many people had to choose between paying rent and their electric bills this winter. We do too much cosmetic planning right now and ignore basic infrastructure issues.

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