The End Times: Now Sooner Than Ever

Most of what I teach deals with the here and now. How do we apply the Bible to our lives today? A subject have I avoided is the end times. I got saved through people telling about the end times. And that was during the Cold war. Everyone was afraid of the end of the world. We seem to have forgotten about that. But now there are new things to fear, like global warming. So this is probably a good time to talk about end times again. I will be starting a new series beginning in the book of Revelation. Please stay tuned. I look forward to your feedback.

Watch “The Gathering Storm: A Split in the Reformed World” on YouTube

This is a good program with good production values and a fairly concise message that gives enough detail that you feel like you learned something. After watching this, I went to to find a virtual firehose of fascinating Christian ministry videos and podcasts. Wow! They are worth a visit and an extended stay!