Reorienting my Internet life

Now that our ministry is an official chapter, complete with it’s own web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account, it is time to thin the herd. I can only keep up with so much Internet activity. So, since we have an official site for Child Evangelism of Citrus-Hernando, our personal ministry site has become redundant. In fact, I already moved all the posts from to CEFCH.ORG. I didn’t want to just delete the old site, with all its content relevant to the people who direct this chapter, but I will not be posting the same sort of things at the chapter site that I did at our own site. CEFCH.ORG will be carrying things about the chapter and its volunteers, and opportunities for more volunteers. Eventually, will just be redirected to the new site.

For those of you who enjoyed my commentary on, take heart! Both of you will be able to find me here, at, the original flagship of anything I want to write about, whether it’s about the perils of my tomato plants, or society in general. By the way, I’ve lost about 15 out of 50 plants that sprouted in the house. I have been re-potting them and transitioning them outside, and it has not all gone well.

Since most of my time will be spent growing the chapter, you will find me a pretty active on the Twitter account and Facebook. Please follow me there, and share my brooadcasts!