Gospel is/is not

Why I do this…

I stand on a street corner with a sign to interrupt our regular programming of fake news, disinformation, propaganda, sales pitches, and social media posing, with that which is REAL and ULTIMATE. And what is that? We are ALL under the very REAL sentence of death. It is inevitable for EVERYONE. Over 8,000 Americans head to their ULTIMATE destinations EVERY DAY. And one day it will be your turn.

Fortunately, we are ALL INVITED to have eternal life by the same GOD who created the Universe and everything in it. He who will be judging all mankind, great and small, is not willing that any of us would perish, being separated eternally from Him. To insure this, He sent His own Son, JESUS, to come to Earth and live among mankind. Like His Father in Heaven, He is Holy and sinless. Predictably, mankind chose to crucify Him because they were sinful. What mankind did not realize was that Jesus would not stay dead! God raised Him from the dead, thus proving that the sacrifice was accepted.

The God of the Universe, being all knowing and all powerful, knew this would happen because JESUS was intended to be a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Since we are all sinful, and God is perfect and Holy, someone had to take the punishment for our sins. That punishment is to be separated from God forever in a place of torment. You see, your sin is far worse than you think. Sure, compared to someone else, you may not be so bad, or you may even appear good. But other people will not be judging the world. That honor belongs to Almighty God, the creator of the Universe. He is perfect and Holy, and we are not.

So, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the invitation to dodge the bullet that is coming for everyone who does not believe. You can receive it and live eternally, or you can reject it and forsake your own mercy. The choice is yours.

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