Why I Do It

If you read my blog and watch my videos you know I am reaching children for Christ through Good News Clubs®. Not only that, but I am trying to reach YOU so that you will want to reach children for Christ through Good News Clubs. Why do I do that?? Why would I give so much of my time, money and effort to do either or both of those things? Is it just God’s peculiar calling on my life?

For years I worked in children’s church while my kids were growing up. I did it for the same reason a man coaches his son’s baseball team: my kid was on the team! I was always looking for volunteers to help, but most parents were happy to have me watching their kids during church, praised my ministry gift, and said they were not called by God to do this. I would tell them, “I’m not either. I’m doing it because it has to be done.” What has to be done?

People need to hear the Gospel, that God’s son had come to earth, taken our punishment for our sins, died, rose from the dead, and that now we are to obey everything He commanded us to do. When I came to believe in Jesus back in 1981 I just started reading the Bible, and it didn’t take long for me to stumble across Matthew 28:19 and Mark 16:15 and see that Jesus commanded us to tell others so they could be saved, too. So, I started going into prison with my pastor to counsel incoming inmates about their spiritual condition and how they could be saved. I prayed with a lot of young men to receive Christ. It was pretty easy. They knew the consequences of their sin, and knew they needed to go another way. When people asked me, “why do you do this?” I would tell them, “Eventually, the majority of them will be coming out. How would you like them to come out?”

So it is with teaching children the Gospel and how to apply it to their lives. The vast majority of these kids will be growing up. How do we want them to grow up? Do we want them to grow up lost, being captured by the world’s vain philosophies, dedicating themselves to material things, and then dying and going to Hell? Is that OK with us? I know it is not OK with God. He got us involved when He told us to preach the Gospel to every creature before He left the earth. Jesus said, “My father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.” And yet they do, right under our noses.

So I am not doing something weird or peculiar. I am doing job one in the way that has presented itself: systematically and in a ministry that has proved itself replicatable all over the world. I takes effort and sacrifice, but it is a pretty light cross compared to others. I spent many years captured by church busy work that kept me away from job one. Some of that busy work is necessary, but if it’s all you do it is a replacement for job one. It has become your excuse for disobedience. Do not stand before you God, holding that dirty napkin with the talent you buried, telling Him, “Well, I’m still here. Isn’t that enough?”








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