We are now citizens of Homosassa!

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What should have been our move-in day…

It has been over two months since I last blogged here, and it has been a very busy time for us. To begin with, we were not able to close on our house in Homosassa when we had hoped. We had to move out of our apartment on July 30th, and we still did not have a closing date as of our move out date. So, we ended up moving our stuff to a storage unit in Homosassa that was just about a mile from our house. The storage business is called Pack-n-stack, and the owner was very helpful to us. He was my best experience in Homosassa for the first week or so.

After moving our stuff to Homosassa, we drove right back to Gainesville and lived out of suitcases for over two weeks, camping out on a friend’s futon, while waiting for a closing date. We were only given 24 hours notice of the closing and had to hustle into Homosassa and spent the night at another friend’s house with our two chihuahuas. The next day, Metroplex mortgage had to push the closing back to later in the day, so that we could not get a key after we closed because the money had not been released since we closed late in the day. Never mind that we went and got CASH to bring to the closing to expedite things since they could not take a Gainesville check. We still had to spend the night again at our friend’s house. We were assured we would get a key the next day and be able to move in. They were wrong.

I was loading a truck with our stuff at Pack-n-stack when I got a call on my cell phone letting me know there had been a glitch. Underwriting had made a mistake and needed to sellers to sign another document of dubious importance, but the sellers said they would not. They had already closed and wanted their money. I was on their side. We had CLOSED, and it was the responsibility of these real estate professionals to execute their duties. The buyer and seller had done what they were supposed to do. I got pretty angry and started using words like “legal remedy” and “your errors and omissions policy” in a somewhat threatening manner. I didn’t yell. But I did have to go sit in a dark room and be quiet for awhile. I prayed a lot and tried to keep my cool. Eventually, I got a call from Metroplex saying it was all worked out and we got a key.

By now I had lost the use of the help I needed to unload the truck, but our friends who had let us stay at their place came to the rescue and the four of us got it done that night. It was like sleeping in a storage unit that night, but at least we were in our own bed again.

Since then we have gotten the utilities all worked out, and the chihuahua-size holes in the fence covered with chicken wire, and our new drives licenses and voter IDs. We have a new bank, have transferred our old corporation to the new owner of Marsh Window Cleaning, and we have got our office set up for the future chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship. We have had a meeting with prospective committee meeting members, and we are waiting for some of them to decide if they want to serve. We have done some volunteer training and have actually been to a Good News Club. We have gotten a couple of new ministry partners,but that has been slow going. My job is to get more intentional about that, and I have been making more pastor visits.

That is all for now. We are very busy and very tired. Scallop season ends this Wednesday, and I will have missed it. Next year I will be ready for it! This year, I will working on getting the vegetable garden going for the winter. I am so glad I live in this part of Florida!

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