Vote tomorrow for a more livable economy!

I get creeped out by these urban planners and the commissioners who love them. We hear about narrowing Main Street as a way to create a bicycle and pedestrian friendly, more “livable” city. Then they make sure that only a select few can afford to live here.

Unlike the federal government, our cities can create an economy that is so bad that people will move away. Most of us cannot realistically move to South America or somewhere else to start over. But, people CAN move to a city with a lower cost of living, and a less expensive, intrusive government! I routinely meet people who “used to live in Alachua County”. They cite all the same problems with living here: high taxes and high prices. Many of these people are retired, which means they were not usually looking for jobs. Losing these people is a double whammy: they take their tax dollars and disposable income, and they weren’t even competing with us for work! Retirees are a big win for a community, but we run them off!

Vote for me on Tuesday for common sense government based on common sense economics!

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