The Troublemaker

When Ahab saw Elijah, Ahab said to him, “Is it you, you troubler of Israel?” And he answered, “I have not troubled Israel, but you have, and your father’s house, because you have abandoned the commandments of the Lord and followed the Baals. Now therefore send and gather all Israel to me at Mount Carmel, and the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah, who eat at Jezebel’s table.” 1 Kings 18:17-19.

Ahab blames Elijah for the draught, but Elijah is just the messenger. Even this showdown that Elijah is calling for is God’s idea. Elijah’s only power is announcing God’s power, when God prompts him.

In America we now celebrate every kind of evil. And scapegoating the innocent for your own faults is a national past time.

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