The Pop Bottle Garden

Ye old gardener wiring bottles to a chicken wire fence.

I got excited about growing my own “tower garden” after seeing it done on YouTube. So, when we first moved in, about 6 weeks ago, I started drinking Diet Coke and various other soft drinks in earnest, and collecting the bottles. I watched some more videos, got some books, went to see the “master gardener” at the library, and could finally wait no longer. I had to at least start the garden if I wanted to have some winter crops!

I started modestly, getting some of the organic spinach and lettuce seeds that a friend had bought, and set up 17 bottles that will each be home to at least one plant. I have room for about 160 bottles, but I don’t think I can drink that much soda without counteracting all the good effects of eating fresh vegetables from my own garden. But I do hope to expand the garden to its full capacity, and make some bucket towers for tomato and pepper plants. I’d also like to grow some beets, but I don’t know if root vegetables like those are a good fit with bottles.

I use green bottles for the watering bottles because the reduce the light coming in.

This is what the first 3 towers look like. On the right are where I have planted the spinach. I will have one column of spinach, and two columns of lettuce to start. I have cut the bottoms off the two liter bottles so each will fit snugly in the one below. The bottles are capped, but there is a small hole drilled in each cap to let the water flow through. I have cut a planting window at dirt level so I can both plant and harvest out the same opening. Hopefully, this will give me a weed-free garden with minimal pest damage!

All the towers will rest on a concrete pad and be wired to the chicken wire fence I have set up on two sides of the 10×10 ft concrete pad outside our bedroom sliding glass doors.

I will add towers as I get bottles. And I will try to find more plants that will fit in them. My goal is to grow enough food on that concrete pad to make a big dent in our grocery budget, and to share with others! I will add more pictures in the future. In the meantime, I will share the video that inspired me. I figured that if a professor in Belgium can have this sort of success in his climate, this should be a piece of cake in Homosassa!

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