Six more weeks of campaigning

I don’t even have to see my shadow this morning to know that there will be six more weeks of campaigning

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody! I participated in the 4-A’s (African American Accountability Alliance) Forum last night, and although I thought I performed well, I did not receive their endorsement. Sitting City Commissioner Craig Lowe did, which goes to show you that the 20 or so voting members were not among those who felt burned by Lowe’s ramming through of the Transgender Bathroom Ordinance, even likening it to the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s. In the district 4 race, they also endorsed Penny Wheat.

I’m glad I went. I will not shrink back. I am moving on! And I will try to have the video clips processed for tomorrow.

One thought on “Six more weeks of campaigning”

  1. The African American Accountability Alliance does not represent the family values of the African American community. Gainesville City African American voters were very upset with the Transgender Ordinance and showed up in record numbers to vote against it in the last city election. The 4-A’s apparantly are strictly a political organization who put politics over family values. Shame on the 4-A’s for supporting an anti-family candidate who’s number one goal is to push his gay agenda on the African American community.

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