Public Utility Still Biggest Issue

Interactive campaigning comes to East Gainesville

During the course of the campaign it is easy to be led away into issues that are on the periphery to the citizens. The budget and homeless issues and police mergers are very important, but these are not the things that strike a nerve with most people.  My campaign has gotten back to its roots: GRU rates. We have been asking the people to weigh in on this issue in the most basic way: blowing their car horns to express outrage. Our signs simply say, “Honk if your GRU bills are too high! And vote!”

To be sure, we have gotten things other than honking. Most stare straight ahead while they are on their cell phones or are otherwise engaged. One woman yelled, “Mine are low! I have a small house!” I found this attitude to be rather smug and unconcerned with the suffering of others. But it’s probably shared by many people.

One man shouted, “You still can’t do anything about it!” This is another common sentiment. I don’t share it because I expect the task to be very difficult, not impossible. And the right thing to do is often quite difficult.

But many, many people honked, beeped, blared, and really laid into it. A couple of cyclists even yelled, “honk!” Some stopped to roll down their windows and tell me how bad it was. And some swore that I would have their vote.

It is one of my highest priorities to bring down the electric bills of most of GRU’s customers. At this present time, it is NO ONE’S priority who sits on the commission now. And that is what makes lower rates impossible. But the change that is necessary, electing new commissioners, is in the hands of the people who pay those bills.


Elect Don Marsh to the at-large seat of the Gainesville City Commission.

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