On the trail of voter fraud

Today is the last day I can file a complaint that could possibly overturn the April 13th election. I am not saying I am going to do that, but the time between then and now has allowed some information to surface that does tempt me to do so.

As I have been taking a break and getting back to making a living, my friends have been looking into those pesky last-day address changes that were written about in the Sunday Gainesville Sun. As the Sun reported, there is no evidence required to prove that you have actually moved into the Gainesville city limits on election day, and so anyone in Florida can actually come here and say so…and VOTE. If I had known that, I might have told those hundreds of county voters, who expressed remorse over not being able to vote for me, that they could move in with me that day, and move out that night on the grounds that it was too crowded!

My campaign workers have also been checking into absentee ballots. This appears to be a rich vein of voters who don’t really live here, but still vote here regularly. We know that over 40 of these phantom voters voted on March 16th, but we cannot get the April 13th voter data from the Supervisor of Elections until AFTER the 10 day period in which we are allowed to protest. That seems to be a pretty convenient rule to shut down investigations before they can even start. It seems to me that voters who want to commit fraud are on the honor system, but if you are a victim of fraud, you have very stringent guidelines.

At the end of the day, all we will probably know for sure is that according to the rules that I have to follow, I lost my race against Craig Lowe by 42 votes. But we will also have a cautionary tale for other candidates that run against the Democratic Machine in Gainesville FL: You had better make sure you beat them by a few hundred votes to cover the ones that you will be spotting them before Election Day.

2 thoughts on “On the trail of voter fraud”

  1. What does it take to get sanity in the regulations? Is there a current commissioner that would see the inanity even if it isn’t convenient for them politically…on the virtue of having a logical, ethical system?

    Am I too naive?

  2. This all came about from the 2000 election. So much amped up rhetoric about “making every vote count” led to counting every vote, whether it is legal or not. It’s all manipulation and political opportunism. Keep your neighbor off balance by constantly accusing him or her of something. If you are against X, you are either homophobic, racist, sexist, or some other kind of unforgivable ism. To politicians, virtue is just a competing form of elitism.

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