Mordecai Ruins Everything

And Haman went out that day joyful and glad of heart. But when Haman saw Mordecai in the king’s gate, that he neither rose nor trembled before him, he was filled with wrath against Mordecai. Nevertheless, Haman restrained himself and went home, and he sent and brought his friends and his wife Zeresh. And Haman recounted to them the splendor of his riches, the number of his sons, all the promotions with which the king had honored him, and how he had advanced him above the officials and the servants of the king. Then Haman said, “Even Queen Esther let no one but me come with the king to the feast she prepared. And tomorrow also I am invited by her together with the king. Yet all this is worth nothing to me, so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate.” Then his wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him, “Let a gallows fifty cubits high be made, and in the morning tell the king to have Mordecai hanged upon it. Then go joyfully with the king to the feast.” This idea pleased Haman, and he had the gallows made. Esther 5:9-14.

Haman has been promoted, is rich, has many sons, and should be the happiest man in the kingdom. But Mordecai still doesn’t bow before him. It’s not enough to have all he wants. Mordecai must grovel! Or, he must die a spectacular death. And Haman’s wife and friends all agree.

The wicked are never satisfied. They not only want to have riches and honor. The righteous must bow before them, even dishonoring their god. And if they won’t bow, the righteous must die.

This seems to be the road we are on today. Sexual deviancy was once illegal, then treated as an illness, then tolerated as an option, then called normal, and now it’s calling the shots. At least it is demanding to do so. And now our children must be schooled to accept it, and in some places, groomed to participate. And if you don’t like it, you are now the evil one. The righteous must bow, discard their God and His rules, or suffer the consequences.

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