Life at Normal

It’s been two and a half months since the election ended, and this domain WAS redirected to my window cleaning business web site for a while, but I have decided to reclaim my personal domain for personal business. And when I say personal business, I mean the ordinary interests in my life. That will mean I will use this as a place to write about:

  • Books I am reading
  • Technology I am using
  • Trips I am taking
  • Events in my family

I have other sites to write about my business and local politics. I will keep those things there.

I think it’s important to have my own domains and pay for my own hosting for information I create because I don’t just want to give it all to Facebook. Sure, I will share links from my sites on Facebook, but I can have control over my own information if I store it on servers I am paying for.

So, stay tuned, because I am writing again!

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