It’s over

It’s after 10 o’clock at night and I didn’t remember to call Tom Hawkins to congratulate him on his victory, so I will do it here. He was a congenial and likable opponent who was never rude, condescending or libelous. He ran a good race and won the old fashioned way: getting out more of his supporters than I did mine. There was no controversy and I have no regrets.

I greatly appreciate the hard work of Kathy Benton, Keith Hazouri, Herb Cooke, Mary Bird, and a large company of other people who put in their time and gave their money in this effort. I am sorry our efforts did not result in a different end, but none of them caused this failure.

I thank all of those who cast their vote for me in this election. This is the third time I have run, and it is time for someone else to step up to make this effort the next time. I am now retired from being a candidate for public office. I will be happy to help others and participate as a role player in other political efforts, but we need better leaders, even in the role of contender.

For now, I need to get back to my business and make some money. Next weekend I will be going to the beach.


Don Marsh

4 thoughts on “It’s over”

  1. Don you gave it hell and we are proud of the effort you and your team made. It is unfortunate that apathy runs so deep in our community. Perhaps with your help there may still be an opportunity to bring conservative values to the City Commission and beyond. You are a leader in our community. Enjoy the time you now get to spend with your family.

  2. Don, Thank you for stepping up for us and making the sacrifices that you have every time you’ve put yourself out there as a candidate for public office. This community does not deserve one as good as you and for that I thank you for putting that aside and doing it anyway. Until people stop making excuses for why they don’t vote, stop acting like sheeple then unfortunately we all will continue to get sheared.
    It is disgraceful how many let their vote rot, it causes a stench in our community.

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