“I Loathe My Life”

“I loathe my life;
I will give free utterance to my complaint;
I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.
I will say to God, Do not condemn me;
let me know why you contend against me.
Does it seem good to you to oppress,
to despise the work of your hands
and favor the designs of the wicked?
Have you eyes of flesh?
Do you see as man sees?
Are your days as the days of man,
or your years as a man’s years,
that you seek out my iniquity
and search for my sin,
although you know that I am not guilty,
and there is none to deliver out of your hand?” Job 10:1-7.

Why is this happening? It’s not an unreasonable question. It all came suddenly and, yes, supernaturally. Job cannot figure out what he is being punished for that any other mortal could deserve.

And that leads to, “Why me?”We know he is suffering for being good, but that is because we are spectators and we have the program. We feel sorry for him.When someone is suffering, it is important that we not add to his or her suffering by adding our accusations or criticisms.

We should just join them in their pain and suffer with the object of calamity. “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” Roman’s 12:15.

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