GRU: the economy killer

I think this is some of my best work. It’s about GRU and how  it can bring us all down if we do not set things right!

“There is no fiscal responsibility without a new coal plant”

Craig Lowe wants us to burn biomass. This gives us higher rates and a crippled economy.

Monica Cooper is against biomass, but she is against the coal plant, too. She wants us to depend on solar, which is currently more expensive and less dependable: an economy killer.

Richard Selwach stresses balancing the budget, but without affordable energy it is a moot point. He is for more expensive natural gas. Good-bye Gainesville.

Ozzy Angulo has nothing meaningful to say about energy; as if it doesn’t matter.

Let’s vote to save our city in 2010! Don Marsh for Mayor on March 16th

As a little bonus, I include this new YouTube video I made yesterday!

2 thoughts on “GRU: the economy killer”

  1. Hey, Don, where’s the reciprocity and transparency? My constituents are getting full access to our “blog debate”…what about your supporters?

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