Getting our lives back

Today, we will be getting the results of the machine recount, and I am not expecting a different result. We will not be mounting a legal challenge to the election. And I don’t think the Supervisor of Elections Office did us wrong. There are probably some irregularities, like people who came here to vote from other cities, but in some cases it is legal to do so under Florida law, and even if you tracked down the illegal ones, you cannot be sure how they voted. In the final analysis, all elections have irregularities, just like all football games have a few missed penalties. We’re all only human, and elections are pretty good at determining the winner.

During this race, I learned the hard way how it feels to have my reputation smeared. It’s a new experience for me. I have never had to defend myself so vigorously against so much trash talking. While resisting the various charges and name-calling, I know I have struck a few innocent people. Brett Buell at TV20 took a lot of angry phone calls that resulted from a misunderstanding, and I told him I was sorry for that, and I asked my friends to leave him alone. And after asking for people to tell us if they got 2 ballots, we got no more reports than the three we initially heard about. I’ve concluded that it was the inevitable human error that is unavoidable when handing out over 12,000 ballots. And I have owned enough electronic equipment to know that it is most likely to fail when you are desperate to get something done on time. So the voting machine failure on election night is only a reason to curse the machines, not the poll workers. So, I offer my regrets and say I am sorry for doing to you what was done to me. It wasn’t fair, and I don’t want to have to hide from you in the grocery store. You are the referees in this game, and I appreciate your oversight.

Right now I am getting ready to get back to work and our normal lives. To my supporters, I say this: I am not giving up. The political process is a continuing story. As long as we have a high cost of living heaped upon us by our local government, it should be resisted. Our city commission may learn nothing from our campaign and keep raising our utility rates in the future, and increasing the size of government, and this must be addressed again in next year’s election. There are 3 seats to contest, and we must have like minded people challenging them.

As Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is an event, not a person”. We are not failures for having tried to hold an incumbent accountable. We will build on the support we have and make them listen to us next year. I thank you for having supported me in this effort, and I hope you will do so again. We came so close. Next time, I believe we will achieve a different result.

3 thoughts on “Getting our lives back”

  1. You’ve propelled quite an awakening…let’s just hope no one hits the “snooze” button!

  2. Don’t be discouraged. I suspect I was not your only supporter new to the business of actively supporting a candidate. I learned a lot and we did get 50% of the votes.

    We just needed a few more votes and a little more practice. Our opponents have YEARS of experience in politics. If we can come this close with only a few months worth of experience think what we can do with a few more months of practice and learning.


  3. I’ll be keeping my head in the game. We need to stay engaged and build on what we have. It will be better next time! Thanks!

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