Don Makes the Runoff

Craig Lowe and I have survived the March 16th election to fight another day. These were the results of today’s contest:

Ozzy Angulo 153 1.51%
Monica Leadon Cooper 2523 24.86%
Craig Lowe 4073 40.13%
Don Marsh 2960 29.17%
Richard Selwach 440 4.34%

As you can see, these numbers are not very large for a city with 72,623 registered voters. There was only a 14% turnout.

This race will be settled on April 13!

5 thoughts on “Don Makes the Runoff”

  1. There are all kinds of adversity. When I came to this area, I had a wife and newborn and no job, no money, and no education. I started my business by writing a bad check for a squeegee because I could not support a family baling hay for $25 per day for 12 hour days. And for many people, I will never be good enough for them because I am only a high school grad. But my adversity is irrelevant compared to the trouble that is heading our way.

    Poisons are seeping closer and closer to the Florida Aquifer from the long-ignored Koppers Superfund site. GRU rates spiral out of control, spreading adversity to our poorest citizens and beyond. Craig Lowe has been a city commissioner since 2003. He has had his shot and we need a change. Being gay is irrelevant.

  2. Don,
    Please quit referring to what you were 30 years ago. You are an autodidact who has a wider and deeper range of information stored up in that impressive cranium of yours than the vast majority of people.

    You are exactly what this city needs, not even because of your gifts and talents, but because you also recognize your limitations and do not hesitate to pull in the knowledge and experience of others.

    You respect the rights of your fellow citizens to determine the courses of their own lives. You are committed to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    I hope to be married to you for another 32 years.

  3. I find it rather disturbing when the news media can manipulate statements from someone knowing that the “real truth” isn’t being published knowing that the readers are only getting some of the statement or quite possible none of the statement at all… Regardless of what side they personally may choose they should be non-biased and stay professional and print what was really stated and not what they want the viewers to read.

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