Craig Lowe Plays Dirty

This week it was brought to my attention that Craig Lowe supporters were going through the Stephen Foster Neighborhood, removing my signs and defaming me as a gay-basher. I hold Craig Lowe personally responsible for this because he and his willing accomplices keep raising the specter of gay bashing without making any effort to hear from me, his only opponent! This silent accusation (and not so silent in the student-run Alligator rag) is now forcing me to divert attention from the issues that have been central to my campaign from early on: his inactivity on cleaning up Koppers, his guilt in raising our GRU electric bills, his threats to cut police and fire, and a new fire services fee on churches and non-profits. And frankly, that serves a man well who has been treading water, a do-nothing on the city commission since 2003.

Further exacerbating this, the irresponsible leaders of Dove World Outreach decided to stick an oar in the water and put up a sign that said, “No Homo Mayor”. This was brought to my attention by Sun reporter Chad Smith, who wanted my reaction. He got one. It didn’t see print. I told him that I called Dove personally and told them to get rid of it. I went on the record, but the record never got published. Thanks, Gainesville Sun.

Craig Lowe’s tone deafness to the citizens of Gainesville is made further manifest by the fact that his clowns are attacking me in the Stephen Foster Neighborhood. These neighbors are already aware of his deceitfulness in claiming credit for getting Koppers to agree to close and move. Their leadership showed up at one of the candidate forums at the Untied Church of Gainesville and called him out publicly for lying about his record. It was pretty exciting stuff, but you never read about it in the Sun.

I have been building bridges to the other voters who voted against Craig Lowe (about 60% of us) on March 16 because we have similar views on Koppers and on the poorly conceived biomass plant that he loves so much. That is what I am doing that Craig Lowe is not: forming new partnerships and listening to other constituents. He is ginning up fear and staying on his proven course of empty rhetoric. The choice gets clearer every day. VOTE APRIL 13!

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  1. I called Chad Smith and left a message with my name and number, politely asking what his purpose was for interviewing Don Marsh on the Dove scandall and then not reporting his answer, unless it was strictly an attempt to get ammunition to use against Marsh rather than providing factual information to constituents.

    Maybe if he gets enough calls like this, he’ll be forced to present facts and stick to the real issues at hand, rather than push his personal agenda.

  2. Don, I can appreciate your outrage at having your name dragged through the mud if that’s what Lowe and his people are doing. However, while I completely agree with you on the issues you present it would make me feel better to hear you articulate exactly what your feelings are toward the local LGBT community. I need something to tell some of my friends who don’t understand why I’m supporting you because of what we’ve heard from Lowe’s camp.

  3. Chad Smith sent the below link to an article he published with some of Don’s comments on Dove.

    It is impossible to locate the article with any keyword search on the Sun’s website. Perhaps it’s a glitch in the website? In any event, there is no way that the average constituent, searching the website, can even know this article exists.

    Hopefully, this is an honest technical difficulty and will be rectified in a timely manner.

  4. Interesting Shana…I got the same response from Chad Smith, and couldn’t locate the site either. However, tonight, 9:32 pm Thursday, 4/1, it finally comes up. Go figure!

  5. Gainesville is a diverse community with people from all over the world, and we have values that are sometimes merely different, and sometimes they conflict. It takes a selfless effort to respect those differences, and some people are better at that than others.

    Members of the LGBT community are my neighbors. I will treat them the way I want to be treated. When we disagree, I will not make sexuality an issue. I hope I will receive the same courtesy.

    I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of any group that espouses hatred of Jews, Muslims, Gays, or any other ethnic group. I believe that we are all made in the image of God. I also believe we are all imperfect images, in need of mercy and grace from the Almighty and one another.

    Regarding Chad Smith’s report, I still think it’s a significant omission that it was not mentioned that I called Dove to have them remove the sign. Apparently, there is not yet enough distance between this mean little group and myself. I can’t live down things I haven’t done.

  6. To be totally fair to Chad, he may have nothing to do with this. His work is probably sliced and diced as much as any reporter’s is. CJ Pruner, at the Alligator, seems like a pretty stand up guy. I wince at almost every article, even though he and I have had many good conversations and we have a good relationship. After our last interview, we talked some about his editorial board, and he asked me, “Why do you even talk to us?” I believe he shares my frustration, but there is little he can do about it. Chad may be in the same boat, but we are just not as open with each other. Who knows…

  7. Rachael, Don, everyone,

    The article still can’t be found through any keyword searches. Someone would have to call in, ask Chad why he didn’t report anything about Don’s comments, have Chad send them not just the title of the article, but its specific link.

    Not sure how this is adecuately informing the public…if no one can actually find the article.

    Chad Smith’s published number is 338-3104. The online news editor is Joe Byrnes: Phone: 352-338-3119, although Chad would have the vested interest in seeing this properly shown on the website as it is his fairness/ethics in reporting that is at question if it continues to remain “hidden” from public, as if it is something he has specifically chosen not to report.

    Does anyone know if this was in the printed version on 3/20?

  8. I don’t understand the idiosyncrasies the Sun’s searches. They frequently sail over the stuff I know is there. Sounds like a tech issue. I hope. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to move on. That’s all I’ve wanted anyway.

  9. I hope you’re right on the first account, and you’re definitely right on the second acount!

    Perhaps the diversion from the issues is because he know’s he can win on the real issues that are of concern to Gainesville citizens….

  10. Don,
    You seem like a pretty stand up guy. I want changes in the community but I also want to keep our emergency services intact. Right now the city is in a huge budget shortfall and they are going to cut GPD officers and GFR firefighters to help make up the difference. Do you support this decision?

  11. We ran into Craig Lowe at the Wild Iris bookstore last night. There was a Koppers-themed art show that we wanted to see. We talked, shook hands, and he assured us that it wasn’t anyone representing his campaign that was going behind us in the Stephen Foster neighborhood and browbeating certain people (people whom his campaign new to be part of the GLBT community) who dared to have a Marsh sign in their yard.
    We told him about our personal story relative to homosexuality. We have living proof of our love and gentleness toward people experiencing that struggle in their lives.
    It appears that Mr. Lowe didn’t see fit to correct the tale being told among his people because today, we had the pleasure of following after some of them as we canvassed Lincoln Estates. In fact some of his team actually confronted some of our team and told them they had heard we are gay-bashers. And they were telling others.
    I guess that when a lie is what they need, a lie is what they’ll use.
    And he seemed so nice…..

  12. Of course not! We are not in financial trouble because we spend too much on police, fire and EMS. We are in trouble because we build non-essential projects, run a losing golf course, and create departments for our political friends. Pay for police and fire and roads, etc. FIRST, and then decide what fluff projects are worth paying for.

  13. Yeah, after last night I was thinking about posting something that would put all this to bed. After today, discovering that these volunteers with official Craig Lowe literature were defaming us as gay bashers, I am less inclined to offer the olive branch. I think we will let the public decide. They can tell what is really happening here. VOTE APRIL 13!

  14. Mr. Marsh, I live in the Stephen Foster neighborhood. Not only was my yard sign stolen the very weekend that Marsh supporters appeared (a coincidence? perhaps) but the gentleman that offered me a Marsh flyer in my front yard referred to Mr. Lowe’s sexual preference twice in a matter of 3 minutes. That’s all the time I gave him. I’m supporting Craig Lowe for Mayor.

  15. I was in that neighborhood myself and we were specifically reaching out to people in the Koppers-affected area. All our literature was Koppers-centric. We took no signs down. We only brought our own. And in this he-said-she-said campaign where we have had to endure all kinds of lies being told about us, I will believe my friends.

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