Cleaning Bay Scallops

Cindi and I cannot wait until we move to Homosassa. It’s about 2 weeks to go, and we are eager! And I am taking the time to learn about the area. One thing I wanted to learn about was scallops! I love to eat them, and a friend told us that our new house will be about 5 minutes from where he goes scalloping. Cindi and I looked at each other and said, “Scalloping?” He told us they were easy to catch, but nasty to clean. That dampened our enthusiasm, but we went online to YouTube to see just HOW nasty it was. All I can say is, “Big deal!” This video shows that it isn’t too difficult at all.

Next, I went to  see what sort of license I would need, what it cost, and when was the best time to go scalloping. Here are the answers, in order: I will need a saltwater fishing license, it will cost $17 per year, and scallop season is from June 28 of this year until September 24th. The legal limit is 2 gallons scallops, with shells, per person per day. Now you know!

Florida Saltwater fishing license info

And here is one man’s take on how to cook them!


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