Charter Review Commission meeting tonight at 5:30

This is the last call for voters to show up and demand that they have the opportunity to vote on whether or not our county commission will have single member districts.  This is not a city issue, but it is a matter of whether or not we will continue to have a Gainesville-centric county commission. Currently, all 5 county commissioners must each live in the district they serve. However, they are elected at-large, which means that the districts are essentially meaningless. People in Waldo or Hawthorne or Micanopy  or High Springs or Newberry may be in a certain commission district, but the people of Gainesville elect their representative.  Is this fair? Should the people of Alachua County be allowed to at least VOTE on it? So far, about half the charter review committee has made like it would be some sort of disaster, and some people have come forward to claim their would be racial unrest if we had single member districts. Please come out to the County Administration Building tonight and speak out or the demagogues will have their way. Do not let false accusations of racism chill the debate! Let the people vote!

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