The Campaign is Moving!

The holidays are finally over, the campaign is officially kicked off, and we have begun reaching out in earnest. Our Campaign Kickoff was a successful event. We got a much needed infusion of cash, which means we will be ordering signs this week. We also did some canvassing in NW Gainesville on Saturday. That was a learning experience, even as we got commitments for sign locations.

This was a productive weekend, but things will only get busier. If you look at the calendar page, you will see that we are getting invitations to all the candidate forums. I also have 2 appointments with the FOP and the Gainesville Professional Firefighters as they decide who to endorse this election cycle. I am excited about our prospects in this race. Please get on board by going to the volunteer page and sending me an email. And don’t forget the Donate page. We will need quite a bit more than we have now if we hope to reach all the voters that we will need.

The challenge before us

This picture tells the story

This past spring I went from zero to over 6000 votes in about 90 days in the Mayor’s race. Many said this was unwinnable. But thanks to many donors and volunteers and the voters who were just fed up with the city’s business as usual, we showed it was winnable without actually winning it. A spread of 42 votes is a very thin margin in a race like this one. It will take a lot of work to get those 6000 back out again, and then some more to make sure we can beat the incumbent. But it can be done! And it is likely if you help us early.

Those 60,000 registered voters who did not show up in April are our mission field. I am sure we can get many of these people to come out if we reach them early and often. Can you help?

Please make your check out and mail it to:

The Marsh Campaign
3904 NW 15 ST
Gainesville, FL 32605

Please remember that the limit for contributions is $250 per individual or business entity. And contributions over $100 must list your occupation.

Thanks You!

Don Marsh