Catching up with the Marshes

Neighbors listening to the live music, talking, and waiting on dinner.

It’s almost November and we are really enjoying this part of Florida. The people are very friendly, the skies are beautiful, gas is cheaper than in Gainesville, and we are having a real adventure! But best of all, we have really found a church that strikes all the best chords with us. We really fit in here, and we get the challenge we need to press into what God has called us to do.

A good example is the fall festival that people in our church put on for the community. We worked with another church (even another denomination!) to promote and supply the needs of the 300 people who came to John and Terri Erler’s small farm to eat, relax, play games, worship, hear the Gospel, and get to know one’s neighbors. About 120 children were among the visitors, many of whom were unchurched.

Sack racers and bean bag throwers abounded!

Cindi and I have been very busy serving with the local Good News Clubs and promoting the ministry among the churches that do not yet participate, but we are very hopeful by what we are seeing so far. God is moving in the hearts of people to reach the next generation, and we just need to bring them together. Fortunately, they are much more willing to do that than anything I have seen before.

On the home front, my bottle garden has been producing some lettuce plants, but the spinach has been a bust. I just ordered some heirloom tomato seeds to start indoors this winter so I will have plenty of tomatoes and plants to share with our church family. Someone just gave me a bunch of pots, so our container garden will have more places to grow.

We are having a yard sale this weekend at our house to help with our ministry expenses, as well as be able to give to others. If you expect to receive, you can never stop giving!

There are elections on Tuesday, and I hate to admit it, but I still have a lot of homework to do in this area. The only local candidate I really like right now is a guy running for one of the seats on the mosquito control board.

I will let you know how my plants are doing as they keep growing. Later!

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