Admit it. It’s a new tax.

Last night the Gainesville City Commission voted 6-1, only Lauren Poe dissenting, to levy a fire services fee on all property owners. Churches and non-profits are not to be exempt.

The Gainesville Sun reported that, “the assessment — which technically is not a fee or a tax — would raise $7,166,675 next fiscal year”. This is the kind of lying that is done to try and fool the public into thinking that their taxes are not being raised. Call it what you want; it’s a tax. Likewise, when GRU raises its rates another 3% as promised, its purpose is to insure a larger transfer to the general fund. It’s also a tax. And when traffic fines are raised and policing becomes more and more aggressive, it’s a tax. The city needs more and more money because it spends more and more money. Yet, some blinking incumbent will sit and tell you next year that he didn’t raise taxes. Don’t you believe it!

The real issue is, as usual, runaway spending. That is WHY they need to increase your cost of living. Fire service is a fundamental thing that your property taxes are supposed to be paying for! To charge you extra for this service is like going to Subway to buy the $5 foot long, and getting charged $6 at the register because there is a Meat Assessment!

At the same meeting, Commissioners voted 6-1 to issue $5.3Million in bonds to pay for their unpopular One Stop Homeless Center and Ironwood Golf Course and Money Pit. For the uninitiated, this means they borrowed the money and that you will be assessed, fined or taxed at a later date.

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