A Tale of Two Ballots

A woman contacted both me and the Supervisor of Elections to tell us that she was given two ballots by a poll worker. She is a Democrat who came to vote for me, and she was an honest person who gave one of the ballots back to the poll worker. She ran into someone at Publix right after that who told her she was also given two ballots! I would not have thought much of this except a man who supports my campaign told me he got 2 ballots during early voting…and he is a Democrat.

If anyone else wants to contact me about this, please do! Did you get 2 ballots from a poll worker? Are you a Democrat? How many of you are out there?

Send me an email at dontwc@gmail.com with your contact information! We want to make sure we had an honest election here!!

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Ballots”

  1. wow, so the moral of this story is to be a registered democrat and then you can always vote twice! think i will change my party affiliation….

  2. Hi,

    I’m a registered Democrat, and I only got one ballot. My girlfriend, also a registered Democrat, also only got one ballot.

  3. Only a couple of other people got back to me about getting two ballots, so I don’t think it’s statistically significant. It was more than likely mere human error instead of intentional mischief. Case closed.

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