Down on the Farm

marshplantationFor those of you who are keeping up with our saga, the bottle garden was too much to deal with. I decided to focus a little more by growing heirloom tomatoes, so I planted 50 seeds in egg crates. So far, 28 have survived, and are looking good. From the bottle garden debacle, there was one survivor that has surprised us. We have some sort of mutant lettuce that grows on a stalk. It’s delicious, and I have to admit that I like picking off all the lettuce leaves and then seeing more leavesĀ  growing on the stalk a couple days later. butterlettuceWe also got a couple of pepper plants and a blackberry bush from Wal-Mart, and some onion sets and a squash plant to boot. They all got a good rain today, and seem to be doing well. We still need to plant the blackberry bush and the squash, but they’re alive and well in their pots for now.