Remembering Lincoln

I had the chance to see this recently and I thought it was a wonderful film. As the credits rolled, I saw that it was based on a book I had read some years ago called, A Team of Rivals, which was an inside look at Lincoln’s cabinet.

This movie made me question how we learn history in America because I realized that we have the same simple “facts” pounded into us year after year rather than making them interesting by giving them context and filling out the characters. Our present system of education, and I mean from when I was a kid to present, presumes we are dolts, regardless of all that rot about how bright and wonderful our children are. Must we really have to explore history as adults to actually learn it?

And this is why I get books. Anything done well still has to be done yourself, whether it is seeking facts about your country or the knowledge of God. We cannot rely on any one source, especially not those who do not seem to be invested in keeping us informed. Neither our school textbooks nor well-made films are the final word. We must all think critically and make decisions that we can own, for we are people, not parrots.