Barbecue joints in Gainesville

I know I haven’t eaten at all of them, but I have eaten at enough of them to know of some good ones. In order of my love for them, here they are:

  1. Pearl’s Country Store- A gas station on 441 in Micanopy has the best and most generous BBQ pork sandwich around. I don’t even get the big one. I get the regular, remove the top, and eat the pork with a fork until what remains fits on the sandwich. And the meat is simply the best. It’s what barbecue is all about!
  2. Adam’s Ribs- It’s a tiny place with seating indoors and out. Great tasting BBQ and the best fried catfish ANYWHERE! It is melt in your mouth delicious! It is actually the best thing they have. Best side dish: the greens- peppery and delicious.
  3. Bono’s- Great smoky taste and the place that does turkey best, in my opinion.
  4. Terrel’s- The traveling road show of barbecue. Terrel’s has been in three different locations that I can remember. On Waldo Rd. near 16th ST. It’s two trailers and there’s no seating. Best price on ribs anywhere and they are great, but the lack of seating and undistinguished sides put this lower on the list.
  5. David’s- Good, reliable barbecue with decent sides. A tendency to overcook the chicken.
  6. Sonny’s- Pretty good barbecue. Used to have great beans. They went downhill fast some years ago, but the beans seem to have recovered some of their past glory.
  7. Bubbacue’s- Two locations in Jonesville and NW 39th Ave near 51st ST. It’s just not very good. Cooked meat that just isn’t barbecue. Got funny sauce names and GREAT beans, but the meat just tastes wrong for BBQ, especially the turkey. Tasted canned. This place seems to want to be the Hooters of BBQ: cute girls in t-shirts and shorts just hangin around.

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