Why Obama Will Lose

So many of my friends are biting their nails over this year’s Presidential Election. I am not. Let me tell you why.

It is important to remember that Obama beat John McCain with 52.9% of the vote. This is not a landslide. In spite of the fact that Obama was totally inexperienced and had a host of communist fellow travelers and racists in his inner circle, many Americans voted for him because they wanted to think well of him. They also thought it wold be good to bury racism by electing a black man. John McCain was also a poor candidate and many Republicans sat out the election.

This time, people are not going to give Obama a pass. Regardless of what role George Bush did to the economy, it is obvious that Obama has multiplied the errors. Even if Obama gets every Democrat who voted for him last time, he has lost his lead among Independents, and Republicans will NOT sit this one out no matter who the nominee is.

Obama has gained no one and has lost many. The math is simple. If 2012 Democrats are as depressed as 2008 Republicans  were, this could be a rout. There is really NO HOPE for Obama this year, no matter what the mainstream new media does to make you believe otherwise.

Of course, this win will not be automatic. We will have to stay energized and we’ll have to stay mad. I have no doubt that this tone deaf administration will oblige us over and over again by using race and fear to the max.

Sayonara, Mr. President! You will lose to whoever the nominee is.