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The Sun’s fact-check

I don’t know what it is about Gainesville Sun reporters, but you cannot take everything they say as Gospel. Chad Smith reported that I would save money by cutting RTS bus routes. Not true (and I have the recording to … Continue reading

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Public Interest vs Narrow Interest

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with the leadership of the Gainesville Firefighters’ Union with the hope of obtaining their endorsement. I felt pretty good about my chances because my campaigns, both this year and last year, … Continue reading

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More previews of what our irresponsible city commissioners have planned for us

Here is a flyer with information we should have seen before our mayor and city commissioners committed us to a tree-burning plant. This document shows the following items of interest: Biomass is dirtier than coal It does not use the … Continue reading

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Eight Reasons to Vote March 15th

I just got an email from former city commission candidate Mason Alley, and it contained this compelling list of reasons to make your voice heard in the only way that matters: VOTING! Take it away, Mason! Reducing lanes on Main … Continue reading

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Back Out of Biomass

I have been opposed to the biomass plant since 2007, when I asked Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan, “Does wood burn cleaner than coal?” She may not remember me asking her that question at the candidate forum at the Matheson Center, but … Continue reading

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