A reminder that a golf course can bleed a city dry

“Gamblers who bet the house and lose end up with their furniture on the lawn and no place to live. The city of Buena Vista has bet the house — its city hall, actually — and is now in danger of losing it as payment for a multimillion-dollar debt.” Read the rest of this story about a city and its money-losing golf course. Hey! We’ve got one of those!

We need to remember that our city commissioners insisted on keeping Iron Wood Golf Course, even though it is projected to lose $300,000 per year.  They have just committed to borrow millions of dollars to renovate this money pit and to build a one-stop homeless center. And what will they do when these losing propositions go south? They can just keep raising your electric and water bills because they will need more and more money transferred to the general fund from GRU.

Or, they can just create a new fee, like the one they hit us with for fire services. Because they overspent on Ironwood, they had to switch to a new fee to pay what your property taxes used to pay for.