I am running for a city commission seat

Today I will be filing to run for the At-Large #2 seat in 2011. I am starting early to insure the best chance for victory. The Supervisor of Elections has not yet set the exact date for next year’s city elections, but it will be in March. That date must be fixed in June, according to staff.

Since Mayor Craig Lowe has been sworn in, it appears that the city is unwilling to deal with it’s current emergencies, and is seeking to place new burdens upon its citizens. Although it is not the purview of city government, the Mayor is placing a priority on education and is looking forward to being an ambassador to other cities. Meanwhile, citizens near the contaminated Koppers site are still concerned that the clean up will be given the same level of neglect that it has received for decades.

I look forward to a promising future for this campaign. We came very close to winning this year. We have no other choice but to win if we want change!

Hearing extended as shadow creeps toward Lowe

Yesterday Cherie Fine, Craig Lowe’s attorney, told Judge Victor Huslander that her client would be sworn in under a week, and that this issue of voter fraud must be resolved immediately to keep her client from having to govern under a shadow of doubt. Although it was her earnest hope that the lawsuit filed by Phil Courson and Mason Alley would be tossed out today due to sloppy paperwork, the hearing will be continued on the 18th, just 2 days before Lowe is to be sworn in. Read about it in Alachua Voter Guide.