Craig Lowe Plays Dirty

This week it was brought to my attention that Craig Lowe supporters were going through the Stephen Foster Neighborhood, removing my signs and defaming me as a gay-basher. I hold Craig Lowe personally responsible for this because he and his willing accomplices keep raising the specter of gay bashing without making any effort to hear from me, his only opponent! This silent accusation (and not so silent in the student-run Alligator rag) is now forcing me to divert attention from the issues that have been central to my campaign from early on: his inactivity on cleaning up Koppers, his guilt in raising our GRU electric bills, his threats to cut police and fire, and a new fire services fee on churches and non-profits. And frankly, that serves a man well who has been treading water, a do-nothing on the city commission since 2003.

Further exacerbating this, the irresponsible leaders of Dove World Outreach decided to stick an oar in the water and put up a sign that said, “No Homo Mayor”. This was brought to my attention by Sun reporter Chad Smith, who wanted my reaction. He got one. It didn’t see print. I told him that I called Dove personally and told them to get rid of it. I went on the record, but the record never got published. Thanks, Gainesville Sun.

Craig Lowe’s tone deafness to the citizens of Gainesville is made further manifest by the fact that his clowns are attacking me in the Stephen Foster Neighborhood. These neighbors are already aware of his deceitfulness in claiming credit for getting Koppers to agree to close and move. Their leadership showed up at one of the candidate forums at the Untied Church of Gainesville and called him out publicly for lying about his record. It was pretty exciting stuff, but you never read about it in the Sun.

I have been building bridges to the other voters who voted against Craig Lowe (about 60% of us) on March 16 because we have similar views on Koppers and on the poorly conceived biomass plant that he loves so much. That is what I am doing that Craig Lowe is not: forming new partnerships and listening to other constituents. He is ginning up fear and staying on his proven course of empty rhetoric. The choice gets clearer every day. VOTE APRIL 13!