Window Cleaning

donCYIAThe World-famous Don the Window Cleaner is back for a limited number of clients. After 33 years of serving the Gainesville area, raising a family, and even nearly being elected the Mayor of Gainesville in 2010, the lucky people of Citrus County will now be able to have their windows cleaned, in and out, as God intended.

Don is an expert at residential window cleaning who can transform your outlook on the world efficiently and affordably. Most window cleaning jobs start at $5.00 per window, inside and out. He soaps down your window with a cloth applicator. Your dirt mixes with the cleaning solution, creating a suspension, which is then removed completely with a crisp squeegee blade. When you clean windows with a spray cleaner and paper towels, you are just creating a paste, which leaves a hazy film behind.

He can also get those screens off that you cannot figure out. Many window cleaners, and even cautious homeowners, have bent screens while trying to get them out. There is no screen situation that Don has not faced and overcome.

Don’s specialty is “ladderless” window cleaning. With the right tools and know-how, it’s possible to clean almost all house windows without a ladder. Call for an estimate!

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