About Don

Don is a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and is tasked with the spread of Good News Clubs® in North Central Florida! (If you are trying to find out about having Don come out to clean your windows at home, click here.)

Don and his wife, Cindi, just celebrated their 40th anniversary, and have two grown children, ages 38 and 29, a son and daughter, respectively. Their daughter, Sara, is now living and working in Puerto Rico. Their son, Donnie, lives in Chattanooga, TN.

Don and Cindi Marsh came to faith in Christ back in 1981 and were involved in ministry to prison inmates, the homeless, and to children in their churches over the years. In 2011, after being involved in local politics and being a candidate for office 3 times, Don decided it was time to put that all behind and find out what God wanted them to do for the rest of their lives. They soon sold their house and most of their possessions to get out of debt and sought the Lord about what to do.

The answer to their prayer came in the form of remembering a campaign worker who had worked in Good News Clubs® for Child Evangelism Fellowship. She had told Don about leading children to Christ in the public schools in Good News Club. Don and Cindi had never heard of this before, in spite of being heavily involved in Children’s ministry since the 80s. That was when they realized they needed to get out of the church “bubble” and get back outside, where the Gospel was supposed to GO!

They started out as volunteers in a club, but that was not enough, as they caught the vision for transforming whole communities and the nation through reaching the children. “Each new generation is an opportunity to get it right!” Don eventually sold his business and he and Cindi went to get trained to be local directors. In 2014, they moved to Homosassa to start a new chapter in Citrus and Hernando counties. That chapter is thriving, and Don and Cindi are back in Gainesville.

If you would like to invest in his ministry, click the banner at the top of the page to donate. When you get to the part where you can choose which find to give to, choose DCM to support Don and Cindi.